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New to BBQ?

We've put together some simple tips for each type of BBQ items, Chicken Wings/ Meat, food wrapped in foils, Otah, Satay, as well as tips and techniques for running your barbecue.

Getting started. What do you need to know before you BBQ your food?

The BBQ food, especially meat, fish and otah has to be thawed before being BBQ if you have stored them in the freezer.

Have you booked your BBQ Pit? What do you need to know about your BBQ Pit?

Remember to book your BBQ Pit before you start preparing for your event. Be sure to check out the size of your BBQ Pit.

It is advisable to buy a wire mesh to cover your BBQ Pit even though the BBQ Pit have a grill covering it. If you do not wish to get a wire mesh to cover your BBQ Pit, you can get aluminum foil to cover the grills of your BBQ Pit for hygiene purpose.

How to control your BBQ Fire

To avoid having very burnt food, prepare a small cup of water and place it next to the BBQ Pit, you can use it to "extinguish" the BBQ fire if the BBQ fire is too big and is burning your food. Remember not to pour too much water as it might really put out your BBQ fire. You only need to sprinkle or just our a very small amount of water in order to make sure the BBQ fire do not burnt your food.


Do not butter your food with too much butter/margarine/oil. This way the extra amount of butter/margarine/oil will drip into the BBQ fire and might cause a big fire and burn your food. You only need to apply a very thin layer to avoid having the food stuck onto the wire mesh/grill.

How to BBQ Chicken Wings

  1. For 3-joint wings, be sure to straighten the wing as much as you can and poke it through a skewer or satay stick. If you do not wish to make use of skewer or satay stick, simply break the joints and straighten the wings on the wire mesh/grills
  2. Flip the chickenwing every now and then to make sure that the chicken wing is being cooked evenly.
  3. Remember to butter the chicken wings so that the skin will not be stuck to the wire mesh/grill.

How to BBQ Satay?

  1. Be sure to flip the satays frequently so as to ensure even cooking on both sides.
  2. Remember to butter them with a very thin layer of butter, they have already been greased while prepared so that the satay will not be stuck to the wire mesh/grill.
  3. Avoid placing satays near the edge of the pit , this way the satays will receive insufficient heat and resulting in uneven cooking.

How to BBQ Otah?

  1. Cook otah in medium or low fire. (not when you first started your BBQ fire)
  2. Be sure to flip otah frequently to ensure even cooking.
  3. Do not place Otah below the wire mesh and directly in the carcoal.

How to BBQ Food in foil?

  1. Food in foil should only be removed from the fridge upon consumption in order to ensure optimal freshness. (with the exception of baby potato/sweet potato/corn)
  2. It does not have to be completely thawed before placing above the fire.
  3. Generally, we can tell that the food is cooked when the foil becomes bloated.


If you are cooking sweet potato or baby potato, please be sure to place them into the charcoal under the wire mesh only when the fire have settled down, meaning it is low or medium fire. You only need to cook them for around 5 - 8 mins, depending on size and you should remove them from the BBQ fire.

How to test if the BBQ sweet potato/baby potato is cooked?

To test if the BBQ sweet potato/baby potato is cooked or not, simply use a fork/satay stick and poke through the sweet potato/baby potato. If you can poke the fork/satay stick through them easily, it means that the sweet potato/baby potato is cooked.

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