Looking for a BBQ delivery?

BBQ Package B

An ideal BBQ package that caters for a family's function. Knowing your family's BBQ food was prepared using the safest food practices possible will certainly increase everyone's enjoyment. Order from us now!

(10 - 15 person)

Price: $155.80

BBQ Package D

Catering for a company's BBQ might be a big hassle. Enjoy a quick and easy way to organise a BBQ for your company's event. Our BBQ package D allows you the ease of a BBQ party. Our BBQ package is sure to wow your guests.

(20-25 pax)

Price: $248.00

We cater special packages to suit your needs. We deliver to you any where in Singapore, a wide range of BBQ Sauces and BBQ food - Satay, Chicken Wing, Sausage, Chicken/Pork/Lamb/Beef Chop, Prawn, Stingray/Ikan Sela/Ikan Kembong/Dory Fish Fillet and etc. at a very reasonable price. We also have Ala Carte BBQ Menu and pre-packed lunch/dinner. Terms and condition applies.

Feel free to contact us if you require any quote.